About Renier

Renier’s Bio

Renier is the founder and CEO of Weideman Enterprises

 In his teens, he went overseas and stayed in Sacramento for six months. He always had a passion for acting and took a chance to go for an audition and he passed it. At the age of 18, he played the roll of Brett in “Erfsondes” which was aired on SABC, Renier also played a role in an international film called “Enlisted for Glory”, another short film called “Smoorverlief” which was ranked in the top 5 films in the world and a few others. Despite all the challenges Renier went through in his life, he always had a passion for Film and Acting.

There were times in his life where he felt like a complete failure. He invested the time to write his life story – due to the fact that he knew that he was not the only person who felt this way – hoping that he can relate and inspire people to outshine their current circumstances. 

If you put your mind to something, anything is possible. With no formal education in the Industry, Renier has managed to fulfill the following roles; executive producer, producer, director, editor, music and acting director. There are no excuses to fail in life. Everything that he has done is self taught, take the time to invest in yourself – the more you educate yourself the better – it’s something that no one can take away from you and like Renier’s says, “in life, you need to create your own opportunities!”


When thinking of Blockbuster hit and movies that make international waves, more often than not Hollywood and the LA glitz and glam become a frame of immediate reference, however, born and bred Benonian Renier Weideman is adding to the historic SA film industry by making his mark on the entertainment industry and has no intension of slowing down.


Not having studied at an institution but rather developing his skills by means of self-teaching, the multi-talented showbiz fundi is an inspiration to those around him.


Since then, the actor, director and producer has made international waves with the release of two of his most recent films – these films that were the product of Weideman’s capabilities from start to finish, have a gospel theme and have been distributed world wide.


#1 – Hartsbegeertes Film


Renier is the Author and Executive Producer of the Film called Hartsbegeertes. Up until today, Hartsbegeertes is still one of the top gospel films in South Africa and was ranked as the #1 gospel film in 2014 for 5 consecutive months. Hartsbegeertes has a message of hope and faith – it has also helped people from committing suicide.


#2 – Gebore Talente Film


Renier’s second film, Gebore Talente (born talents) will be released during the course of this year.  We wanted to get the community involved with this film so we provided over 120 actors the chance to make use of their talents – biggest gospel film in South-Africa. Gebore Talente is focused a lot on the type of gifts and and how to utilize it – James 2:17. Your gifts / talents might not be singing / acting or painting but it is about what you are good at. There are people who are extremely good with business and they also understand the process better.


Despite achieving paramount success in the prime of his career, Renier remains humble and encourages individuals to get on board in the entertainment industry.


Renier has put 420+ people on television thus far and is hoping to double that figure by next year.


Renier Weideman’s Film & Acting Course


I have started Film & Acting Courses over the last few years, where we go into detail on how to get into the Film Industry


Always position yourself as an authority figure – it will increase your brand and lifestyle. With the techniques I teach actors / people all around South Africa, I can help grow brand dramatically. I don’t believe in competition… Only dominating the market sector.


I also feel that in the world that we live in today, it is much more easier to get into the film industry – people fail because they don’t know how.


# UnderdogZone TV Show


In 2015 Renier started helping people on a bigger scale by starting the #1 Gospel Business Show. UnderdogZone is about start-up’s as well as the Media sector – all based on business Kingdom principles – it’s all about making it practical in order for everyone to achieve goals and do more.
The mission is to take people who feel like Underdogs and failures, to becoming hero’s!


NB: Renier is has done 120 episodes on the DSTV platform and i would like to share that he does not have a production team to do share the workload (content creation, setup of gear, lighting, editing etc) He does everything by himself. If you really want to make a difference, there are no excuses – mindset is everything.