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Before RENIER WEIDEMAN became a success and a media sensation for empowering people across the globe, he had his share of obstacles to overcome. Starting a business from the ages of 14 to losing everything in his 20thies.

“If you want an average life, you will play it safe and do what everyone is doing” – Renier Weideman said. 

Having a passion for acting and movies, Renier believes that giving up is not going to allow him to reach that goal. After two times best seller Afrikaans movies in South Africa and over 200+ episode of UnderdogZone (TV Show of Kingdom, Business Principles) He decided to start helping people to achieve their true potential. 
“just follow the process and…”

Over 200+ episodes on PaidTV (DSTV) talking about Kingdom Business Principles.

Growing your business the right way!


All of UnderdogZone episodes aired on paidTV and is  now avaialbe on the online platfroms. 1+ Million viewers all over Africa.

A Renier Weideman Film

The brand “A Renier Weideman Film” was established in 2013 whereby multiple films will be created under this franchise. With two BEST sellers in South Africa Renier is on its way to being one of the top filmmakers in South Africa.

#1 Christian Afrikaans Film in South Africa

GEBORE TALENTE (Born Talents) is Renier’s second feature film whereby focuses on the talents you were born with. Struggle times might be in arisen, but developing one’s talents will bring you before great opportunity.

“Use what you have got, and make a success of it” – Renier Weideman

2014 Top Seller

#1 Christian Film in South Africa for 6 Months

Hartsbegeertes (Hearts Desire) Staring and being the executive producer of his first film. Dealing with failer and sickness, this film brings out the reality of everyday life.

Two different wolds in the same situation. Peter wants to help everyone yet he fails to provide for his own family. James, a very wealthy person, yet his wife is diagnosed with Cancer – with all the money in the world James still feels helpless as a husband and a father.

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