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Gebore talente

Gebore Talente is a Film unlike any other, this film is not afraid to attack serious toppics and find the good in every situation. The secret messege within the film is truely something to think about and to take home and spread with others. The casting and directing was done brilliantly and can see the vision Renier Weideman had while making this film. It is completely different than Hartsbegeertes but in a good wat. Attending the Premier was such a joyfull experiance for me due to everyone being so friendly and welcoming. I truely recomend everyone to watch this film and go and get the DVD as soon as possible. So many lifes has been touched by this story and mine is one of them. I can’t help but give it a 10/10 “Legendary” for its unique story line, wonderful directing and brilliant acting from Angelique Gerber, Rea Le Roux, Willem Greef & Renier Weideman.